Fee to audit is $375 for four days or $100 per day
Space is limited.

"Everything I'm teaching you about acting has one aim only: to fire you up emotionally and behaviorally so that you can give a vivid, involving, and memorable performance." - Larry Moss

Monday April 4th – Friday April 8th
(Wednesday April 6th No Class)

Dates are:
Monday April 4th and Tuesday April 5th,
Thursday April 7th and Friday April 8th

Starting at 12 noon EST, New York time /
9am PST Los Angeles time
All classes will follow this format:
12-3pm EST 3 scenes
3-4pm EST Break
4-7pm EST 3 scenes

If you are PST then times would be:
9am-12pm PST
12-1pm PST Break
1-4pm PST

Scenes will go up either:
Monday and Thursday
Tuesday and Friday

To reserve your Audit space, please email catie@larrymoss.com

Working actor spots are invited to participate via the Working Actor waitlist.

Please send current headshot and resume as attachments in pdf or word format to catie@larrymoss.com

Things to Know...

  • All correspondence pertaining to the workshops will be conducted via email.
    NO PHONE CALLS please unless it is a true emergency.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email regularly. If you have not heard back from us, please re-send your email.
  • Please include your phone number and email address in all correspondence
  • Payment information will be sent with your acceptance letter. Please do not send any payments until you have been accepted.
  • Should you require further information please email catie@larrymoss.com

What to Expect...

Working Actors:

  • 10-15 Minute, well rehearsed scene (or the scene we give which may be a little longer or shorter - DO NOT cut material without prior permission from Larry.)
  • Read the play fully and understand the play
  • Appropriate costumes for the period
  • Appropriate dialect for the text
  • Scheduled rehearsals with scene partner – HONOR the schedule!
  • Any research appropriate to the play will be expected within the time from scene assignment

Auditing Actors:

  • Commitment to observe and learn
  • Respect for actors and their scenes


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