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Week One: TBD
Week Two: TBD
Week Three: TBD

Things to Know...

  • All correspondence pertaining to the workshops will be conducted via email.
    NO PHONE CALLS please unless it is a true emergency.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email regularly. If you have not heard back from us, please re-send your email.
  • Please include your phone number and email address in all correspondence
  • Payment information will be sent with your acceptance letter. Please do not send any payments until you have been accepted.
  • Please do not show up at the workshop / theatre unless you have been accepted.
    We do not accept "walk-ins," this includes auditing or viewing scenes.  Be advised: ANYONE SHOWING UP UNANNOUNCED WILL FORFEIT WORKING OR AUDITING the WORKSHOP NEXT SESSION.
  • The workshops fill up very quickly. Don't wait to apply!
  • Should you require further information please email

What to Expect...

Working Actors:

  • 10-15 Minute, well rehearsed scene (or the scene we give which may be a little longer or shorter - DO NOT cut material without prior permission)
  • Read the play fully and understand the play
  • Appropriate costumes for the period
  • Appropriate dialect for the text
  • Basic furniture will be available at the theatre
  • Any additional props and furniture needed for the scene are to be supplied by the actor. These must be taken home each night.
  • Scheduled rehearsals with scene partner – HONOR the schedule!
  • Any research appropriate to the play will be expected within the time from scene assignment
  • An illustrated plan of your set will be required for class monitor

Auditing Actors:

  • Commitment to observe and learn
  • Respect for actors and their scenes
  • No walking in and out while a scene is in progress or while Larry is speaking


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