Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank

"Larry continues to inspire me to search fearlessly for the truth in the character I am playing and in myself as a human being. I am in awe of this profoundly gifted, articulate teacher".

-Hilary Swank, Actor

Gary Ross

Gary Ross

"Larry Moss picks up the mantle from Stella Adler, Sandy Meisner, and a handful of others, breathing life and love into the craft of acting for a whole new generation of artists".

-Gary Ross, Writer and Director

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio"Larry’s unwavering commitment to his craft, his encyclopedic knowledge of the arts, and his sincere enthusiasm for the art of acting itself make his process exciting, inspiring and truly transformational as an actor. I would recommend his technique and process not only to first timers, but also seasoned veterans of the craft".

-Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor


The greatest gift we have to give the world is our honest, one of a kind, unique self! In this world of opinions, rejection, and disappointments that gift of "self" can all too often get buried under years of pain, shame and loss. These buried treasures are the greatest tools an actor needs to do his or her best work. Larry has the gift of compassion and insight that help the actor to reconnect, rediscover, and embrace that common thread of pain that connects us all. It is only from this place of connectedness that true craft is possible.
If you are willing to work, and I mean really dig in, Larry will give you tools to do your best work. He will help you to "change into yourself" and from there everything is possible!
Susan Anton


Larry Moss gave me my power back as an actress. The power is here, in here, not out there. I learned not just about the craft but, about the art, and the art of living. I am excited to live my life more courageously and fearlessly so I can tell stories... wonderful stories about being alive. Larry speaks a language that can only be heard from the heart. I'm so grateful to have studied with him and I can't wait until the next time. Thank you!
Alexandra Choi


Larry's class opened up a whole new understanding of technique and excellence to the art of acting. His passion, dedication and knowledge of acting is both elevating and inspiring. I frequently refer to Larry's teachings on my projects. He is the most amazing craftsman I have ever had the pleasure and appreciation of learning from and I hope to continue over the years.
India Lathey Patten


Larry confirmed to me that the joy of this craft is to be able to revel in the doing of it without attachment to its outcome. What seemed to be a great acting lesson became a great life lesson. It began as idea then became a practice... then it healed my life.
Babar Peerzada


The clarity of his teaching is very refreshing. The application of the fundamentals is immediately useful and necessary. It is not possible to "wing it" through the plays Larry works on. He gets to the meat of the scene and to the meat of the actor. After spending a week in the intensive, watching very dramatic and funny material, I was affected deeply by the plays and the actors working on themselves and the material. I felt more connected on a human to everyone else by the end of the week. I plan on continuing the work and hope to work with Larry again.
Steve Simich


Larry is without a doubt the most prophetic, insightful, inspiring teachers I've worked with or observed. Everyone gets what they most need at the time.


Larry Moss' grasp of the human animals emotional condition and it's relation to the artistry of a writers pain- is respectively applied to the life of the written character. So much so, that under his direction and tutelage no actors approach to living through the writer could be more alive and more thoughtful. Larry moss' universe does not exist as a life of self, but a life of living. His passion for actors, writers, and the tragedy betwixt- is blatantly certain. Larry's approach is so refined- that "just acting" becomes life infinitely mirrored by the actor.
Jon Collin Barclay


Larry Moss is a profound man that has earned through his bravery and intelligence to be told Thank You everyday of his life. Larry's passion and excitement gave me hope, direction, understanding, confidence and relit a lifelong passion for my craft! Tremendously grateful and Blessed for his guidance.
Jaret Martino


Larry's skill at dissecting a script paired with his insight into the human condition make him an incredible teacher and mentor. Not only has he made me a better and smarter actor, but, more importantly, he's made me a better person.
Bob Jesser


Studying with Larry Moss is like having access to the most authentic, brilliant, truths of the craft of acting. If you are serious about becoming the best actor you can be-- Larry's teaching can show you the way.
Marcy Kaplan-Gold


When there is a will there is a way - When there is Larry Moss there is a highway.
Zack Zublena


Larry Moss has and is an unparalled gift to the acting community worldwide. I have had many fine teachers but never anyone who understands the craft of acting like Larry. I have taken many acting workshops from him and am always amazed by his laser-like critiques of students technique, of their interpretations of text and occasionally his discernment of their emotional pain which he sees as a roadblock to their continuing progress as an actor(if any other teacher deals with emotional blocks I would say run, but not Larry). He has in so many ways changed my life. He fueled the flame in me again regarding my passion for acting, and touched my life with the beauty of what it is to be human. Thanks again Larry. I could NEVER say thank you enough. Gratefully yours forever,
Bill Bower


Larry's teaching is a pure gift. His words are healing yet at the same time, fireworks for the soul. He pours his love of acting and the depth of humanity into each scene. Everyone leaves his class not just a better actor but a better person. Thank you Larry.
Kimberly Quinn


Larry's teaching enlivens you as an actor -- he ignites a fire in his students. Whenever I leave his class, I feel inspired to work more, create more and truly discover myself as a person and artist. He is a true gift to this art form.
Lili Fuller


Larry Moss is responsible for my new found love and obsession with playwrights. He's introduced me to the work of Moliere, Albee, Shanley and Inge... just to name a few. I'm eternally grateful to him for providing a safe environment for me to act out these wild, genius and heartbreaking works of art.
Eva Mendes


Larry Moss’ acting workshop is more like a temple of self realization and self repair, courage and humility. It is an education on the great plays and playwrights. It is impossible to not sit in awe and gratitude of what he is teaching and imparting on his students. His workshops have changed and deepened my acting but more importantly they have changed and deepened my life.
Natasha Gregson Wagner


Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont

"Larry Moss was my secret weapon on The Green Mile, for it was his uncanny abilities as a teacher that unlocked the door to Michael Clarke Duncan's deep well of talent and allowed that talent to shine. Under Larry’s guidance, Michael blossomed as an actor before my eyes in ways that still surprise and inspire me, resulting in an indelible performance that earned Michael a Best Supporting Actor nomination that year. If you want to act, anything Larry Moss has to say on the subject are things you need to hear, making his book not only indispensable, but a rare privilege."

-Frank Darabont, director


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